ECM delivers testing and commissioning services of protection and control systems for low and high voltage electrical transmission and distribution installations. We provide a comprehensive maintenance service offering across the mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and power generation sectors.

Testing and Commissioning

Commissioning is a critical stage in the life of any facility. ECM carries out a series of vital checks prior to on-stream operation, through testing and commissioning services to mitigate project risk and help to achieve performance goals right from the start.
ECM’s testing and commissioning capabilities ensure new assets and critical interfaces, including major electricity generation plants and consumer installations, operate as planned from day one.
Our team of professional technicians prove the integrity of systems, identifying and fine-tuning design and construction to achieve optimal results for clients.


ECM’s maintenance capabilities lower costs, reduce operational risk and improve asset reliability and safety. As part of ECM’s ongoing commitment to our clients, we tailor preventative cost efficient scheduled maintenance programs that meet Australian industry best practice and statutory requirements. Close collaboration with our clients to set performance targets and implement management and maintenance systems optimises asset value and delivers improved processes and capabilities.


ECM’s highly skilled technical team are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the accurate and effective commissioning of electrical power systems.
Our services include all equipment and personnel for effective commissioning and maintenance of:
  • Distribution and transmission transformers
  • HV/LV switchboards
  • HV switchyards and substations
  • Primary and secondary plant
  • Single and three phase secondary injection
  • Primary injection
  • HV cable testing
  • Partial discharge
  • Thermographic imaging
  • HV withstand testing
  • Power protection schemes
  • Control systems
  • High voltage VSD systems
  • HV & LV reticulation
  • HV & LV circuit breakers
  • Earthing systems

Project Experience

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