An article taken from WA Building News Quarterly, Autumn, 2003.

There are at least five construction sites where work is being undertaken by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (CDTRS) in connection with the Immigration Reception and Processing Centre (IPRC), and includes a new ship unloading facility and extensions to the high school. The IRPC requirements also include staff housing, the processing centre, and a temporary 'village' for construction workers.

The CDTRS has let contracts to construct 160 single-bed units and 12 three-bedroom houses in the settlement area of Christmas Island in order to support the IRPC facility.

The successful tenterers were two Perth based companies - Consolidated Constructions Pty Ltd and Duwal Pty Ltd - plus Christmas Island-based company C&B Murdoch Pty Ltd. Consolidated is building the 160 units while Duwal is providing the 12 houses and high school upgrade.

A contract has also been let to electrical Construction & Maintenance Services (EC&M) to connect the trunk main services from the settlement area to the proposed facility at North West Point, which is approximately 12km away.

Work on these construction sites was well advanced and all were completed and fitted-out by the end of February 2003.

Since it was extablished in 1986, Electrical Construction & Maintenance (Aust) Pty Ltd (EC&M) has developed a proven track record of completing projects on time and budget by applying innovative and high technology solutions to all its design and construction activities.

EC&M specialise in electrical and instrumentation, design and construction work for mining installations, process plants, petro chemical, materials handling, heavy industrial and power generation. The company also operates a commercial division, which provides electrical contracting services for projects such as shopping centres, office buildings, hotel complexes, luxury appartments, public buildings, street lighting, traffic signal installations and general installation works.

As well as undertaking project works throughout Australia; EC&M has completed assignments in Africa, Samoa, Tonga, Cocos Island & Christmas Islands.

Since the mid 1980's, EC&M has completed numerous projects on both Christmas and Cocos Islands.

Works undertaken on Christmas Island include the Casino Overhead Power Line, Cason Complex itself, several underground infrastructure projects including HV & LV power supplies, communications conduits & pit systems, main water supply, building refurbishments, wharf upgrades, street lighting, pumping stations and water tanks.

EC&M's [General Manager stated,] "projects undertaken at both Christmas & Cocos Islands are just an extension of EC&M's current diversification focus in a demanding commercial environment. We have recently completed power, communication and water infrastructure projects at Cocos and Christmas Islands to the value of $6.5 million, and have also completed the supply and installation of two 1.07ML potable water tanks and associated earthworks and piping to the new Immigration Reception and Processing Centre at Christmas Island for DOTARS."

EC&M operates a Quality Management System that is accredited by Quality Assurance Services to AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994.