An article taken from the Geraldton Guardian Newspaper, October 1st, 2002.

For excellence on EC&M's completion of its contract at Iluka's refinery at Narngulu, EC&M's then Geraldton Area Manager (now General Manager) Simon Higgins's comments on this award.





Above: Taking honours: Simon Higgins. (Photo: Angie Simms)

[Simon Higgins] said EC&M received an excellence award from the Electrical Contractors Association for WA's best industrial project of unlimited contract value.

Mr Higgins said EC&M triumphed despite some major competition from other significant projects.

"We were pooled with some really good projects, but one of the reasons we got up was because our project was run, managed, and administered from Geraldton - all based from a regional area, not Perth," Mr Higgins said.

"Our safety record also accounted for part of it.

"The whole project was completed in 16 weeks, which included 30,000 man hours, with no lost time due to injury."