EC&M have again been awarded at this year’s annual National Electrical and Communications Association awards night in Western Australia for excellence in the Industrial Projects category and for its OH&S Management System.

The Industrial Excellence Award was given to EC&M for the Pilbara Port Project for its hard work and dedication to the task of ensuring that FMG were able to achieve its well publicised First Ore On Ship (FOOS.) On acceptance of the award, General Manager Simon Higgins thanked EC&M’s employees and their families for the long shifts and enormous effort required to complete the job on time. "This really cements our position as one of the nation's leading electrical contractors," he said.

The award for EC&M’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System was given in part due to its outstanding achievement of over four years running with zero Lost Time Injuries. The award is a testament to EC&M’s commitment to the safety of its employees.

All in all the two awards represent EC&M’s firm commitments to safety and project delivery, and further display EC&M’s commitment to excellence in the construction industry.

Pictured from left to right: Tony Smith (EC&M Contracts Superintendent,) Neil Duxbury (EC&M Commissioning Supervisor,) Simon Higgins (EC&M General Manager,) Pete McKenzie (EC&M Senior Site Supervisor,) Mike Green (NECA President,) Bec Norton (EC&M Safety Advisor,) Tim Higgins (EC&M Contract Administrator,) Fil Sydoruk (EC&M Project Manager,) and Mark Hart (EC&M Site Supervisor.)