On the 15th of May 2008 Fortescue Metals Group commenced its first commercial shipment from the Herb Elliot Port Facility in Port Hedland. FMG has now firmly established itself internationally as the new force in Iron Ore.

At times the success of this groudbreaking project was in the hands of EC&M as we completed the electrical and instrumentation required to "power the port."

The project has been an outstanding success as can be seen from the high praise received from FMG's executive management.

They wrote:

"I am writing to acknowledge EC&M’s significant role and contribution to reaching our First Ore On Ship (FOOS) milestone on the 15th May this year. It has been refreshing to enlist contracting partners that stand with you and adopt your goals as their own.

At serveral times during this groundbreaking and historic project we were challenged with what was commonly perceived as impossible milestones. Together we responded and together we ultimately succeeded, your success was paramount to our own. Our selection of EC&M was based on an apparent vision similar to FMG, to become significant forces within our respective industries, yours Electrical Contracting and ours Iron Ore. I believe we have achieved this and I look forward to the future of our strong and mutually beneficial relationship."